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CASE STUDY – A Family Affair
Kylee Legge - Wednesday, June 01, 2011

CASE STUDY – A Family Affair

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This is a case study very close to my heart as it is about my very own family. Approximately 1 year ago my Nana called me asking to speak to The Publishing Queen. When I assured her that Kylee and The Publishing Queen were one and the same she said, “I know that but I just wanted you to know this is a serious business call and not just a favour from my granddaughter”. And so my 90 year old Nana became my oldest client to date which proves that you are never too old to write a book.

Better yet she said, “The book is for Robert (her son’s) 60th Birthday present so do you think we could do the whole thing by then? It will be called ‘My 60 year love affair with Wooli’ (a family holiday destination we have all been visiting for the last 60 years – or in summary Robert’s whole life) and I want every person from the extended family who has ever been to write their Wooli story to go in the book along with a dedication to Robert. You can put their picture and some pictures on each page along with a family tree so people know how everyone is connected to Robert but don’t worry I will co-ordinate the rest and get everything to you.” And the amazing thing is this 90 year old woman in the space of 1 month did just that and stories and photos began flowing in from everywhere. “Oh and I forgot”, she said, “It’s a secret so no one can tell Robert”. And she managed that part as well with not one of the 50 odd contributors spilling a word to Robert until he got the surprise of his life on his 60th Birthday.

But the story doesn’t end there. Jill (Robert’s wife) was so inspired by both the sentimental nature and the quality of the book that she encouraged Graham (her son in Law) to finish writing the book he had been working on for Mike (her father) for many years so he too could have a wonderful Birthday present of his life story, Part 1 that looks like it will be the first of quiet a series.

Both these books were what I refer to as the dream book (ie. published to fulfil a dream not necessarily to make any money or gain the author credibility) but people were likewise so impressed by Graham’s book “The True Story of an Orphan Boy’s Struggle for Survival: The Unique Life of Mike Harrison” that they began selling copies to meet the demand. Many family members got involved and as such the first, short sentimental print run proves not to be the only print run and that there will be many more editions of the book releasing over a great many years.

So I suppose this case study could prove one of two things. Firstly if you get your family involved in your publishing process you can move books a lot more quickly than if you try to do it on your own and secondly for those of you who know my personal story, my same Nana mentioned above didn’t only start this case study but she made me into The Publishing Queen I am today.

It was that same woman who 25 odd years ago said, “I could never write a book!”, which lead to 2 year old me doing it for her and starting me down the path that lead me to where I am today. Maybe at 65 she thought she couldn’t write a book and maybe she was right (as you book will not come out of you until you are ready) but at 90 she not only believed she could but she became what I describe as an up-side-down traffic light (ready to go now, extremely passionate about their book and never wanting to stop promoting it). Not only is this required to be a successful author but clearly it is also contagious.

I encourage anyone reading this to get your book out of you today as you never know by doing that not only how many people will benefit from reading your title but how many others you will inspire to do the same with their books who may not have otherwise done so without your subtle encouragement.

To find out more about how to become an up-side-down traffic light click here.

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