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CASE STUDY – Rhiannon Rees against all odds – the life the book the distribution
Kylee Legge - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CASE STUDY – Rhiannon Rees, against all odds – the life, the book, the distribution

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Everyone has a life story to tell and quiet a lot of people want to write a book to share their story with others. The sad truth is that while everyone has a story not every story sells. The difference between a bad story and a good story, the decision about whether to write a book about your life or not, all comes down to emotions as an emotional story is what sells.

Enter Rhiannon Rees whose life to date has been one emotional roller coaster ride after the next. This incredible women not only survived child sexual abuse, losing contact with her mum for 10 years, her brother committing suicide, 5 miscarriages and losing her husband to his other identity as a women to become a penny less and homeless single mum but she choose to relive the horrific experiences and write a book about her journey so others going through a similar experience could relate and have renewed faith that there was indeed light at the end of their tunnel too.

But it wasn’t only the journey of writing that made a story for Rhiannon but the publishing and distribution proved to be just as colourful an experience. Rhiannon was both approached and approached many publishers and distributors to find the right company to produce her book. It was only after much research and careful consideration that she decided to work with The Publishing Queen as I am honoured to quote her saying “Kylee was the only one I knew would hold my hand the whole way through the publishing process and answer any questions I may have along the way”.

So honoured we began work on Rhiannon’s book answering her many questions throughout the various stages of the publishing process but as we did, just like her life story, yet another stumbling block was hit. I had assured Rhiannon that we would distribute her book in the US/UK (which I have the ability to do as an independent distributor in this channel) but when her wonderful book was pitched (which I was 100% certain would be successful) the pitch while accepted came with so many costly and product compromising terms and conditions (over which I had no control as they were set by the channel and not myself) that a rejection would have been more satisfying and so after much consideration (and  more questions answered) Rhiannon declined the offer.

While still extremely happy with the process I myself was sorely disappointed. How could I promise Rhiannon something and not fulfil? How could I be an independent distributor on a distribution channel and have no control over the outcome? The result was not up to my customer service standards and so I investigated other options. To cut a long story short a few months later I had left the channel which gave me no control for my customers, joined a new one (which usually can take years to be invited onboard), had re-pitched Rhiannon’s book, got it accepted on the same terms as we had for the AU/NZ market and her publishing journey was back on track.

For those of you who aren’t aware for the US/UK market the process from successful pitch to physically launching is stores can take up to 6 months so not all the fruits of Rhiannon’s labours have been seen yet. I will tell you this though... it is only a matter of days before your will see Rhiannon as a bestselling author on Amazon for “How To Climb Mount Everest In Sandals: The Courage To Live An Ordinary Life”.

For more information on Rhiannon’s book or to purchase a copy click here.

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