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The Publishing Queen - Interviews Lisa Snowdon on the importance of eating healthy as an author
Kylee Legge - Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Publishing Queen - Interviews Lisa Snowdon on the importance of eating healthy as an author

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Lisa Snowdon from Vibrant Nutrition shares why eating healthy is so important for a author.

Qualified Nutritionist, Lisa Snowdon – founder of Vibrant Nutrition - helps clients tackle weight issues, reduce stress, increase energy levels and much more. There is so much that can be done to enhance well-being using the greatest medicine known to us – Food. Lisa also specialises in lowering cholesterol levels naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Interview Transcript:

Kylee: Hi, my names Kylee and I’m The Publishing Queen and I’m here today with Lisa Snowdon from Vibrant Nutrition. Now tell me Lisa why do you think it is so important for an author to have great health?

Lisa: Well Kylee, if you learn how to eat for energy you can reduce the time it takes to write your book and you can also really maximise that creative process and just have the book fall out from you.

Kylee: Brilliant, so if someone wanted to have a book literally just fall out of them, how would they go about that from a health or nutrition point of view?

Lisa: Okay so my top 3 tips for eating for energy and just getting your whole mind really in that creative state are; firstly you want to have at least 50% of your food fresh so fruits, vegetables, salad – that’s one of the keys. The next one is to have protein as part of your snacks so nuts, avocardo, hommus, they’re really the best things to keep your energy up. And the last thing, for your dinner & lunch you want to have half your plate with salad and some fresh fruits like we already said and then a quality protein like fish that really feeds your brain.

Kylee: Brilliant and yummy too. Well that’s been really helpful Lisa but if you wanted to leave people with one thing, the most important thing as an author they need to know when they think about what they eat what would that be?

Lisa: Learn how to eat for energy really it can just be applied to so many different areas of your life not just for writing a book and you may even get your idea for a second book.

Kylee: And I like the sound of that. Well thank you for being with us here today Lisa but if people wanted to get more information such as what you have shared with them briefly today where would they go?

Lisa: They could go to my website and from my website they could sign up to my 7 day diet plan and through that they can get some great ideas. They can also get a free 20 min consultation to discuss with them as an individual what might work for them.

Kylee: And trust me she’s brilliant! Well thanks for being here today and remember listening to expert advice such as this truly makes self publishing as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Lisa Snowdon Website:

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