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The Publishing Queen - Interviews Vicki Bobotis on the importance of Video Marketing
Kylee Legge - Friday, March 04, 2011

The Publishing Queen - Interviews Vicki Bobotis on the importance of Video Marketing

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Vicki Bobotis from Your Untold Story shares why Video Marketing is so important when publishing a book.

Vicki has had a career in the entertainment industry for over twenty years as a production coordinator for Arena TV, organising interviews with many, including supermodel Kristie Hinze, to psychic medium John Edward. Her move to MTV Australia as a producer, saw her interview countless others, from elite sports professionals (Taj Burrow), movie stars (Melissa George) and to some of today’s biggest selling artists including INXS and U2. Over the last few years, Vicki has dedicated her broadcasting skills to charitable organisations, working with and benefiting a much broader cross-section of the community. Her outstanding storytelling skills shine through in her editing and interviewing abilities. 

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Interview Transcript:

Kylee: Hi, my names Kylee and I’m The Publishing Queen and I’m here today with Vicki Bobosis from Your Untold Story. So tell me Vicki why do you think video marketing is so important?

Vicki: Ok, well when it comes to authors you want to be promoting your book 24/7. Now unfortunately not everybody can promote themselves 24/7 but when you’ve got a video especially on the internet you’ve got a personal sales person out there selling 24/7 to potentially millions of customers.

Kylee: Very, very true but if someone wanted to do that, if someone wanted to put their video out there on the internet how would they do that?

Vicki: Ok, essential have a video explaining what your book is about on your website, on your homepage. It’s absolutely essential, it’s become the norm, people expect to see videos on the website so that’s a great way when they are googling you they’ll find your book and then they’ll find your website and then they’ll be able to connect with you on a personal level and that’s invaluable.

Kylee: It is invaluable but if you could leave people with one, the most invaluable thing you could possibly tell people about video marketing what would that be.

Vicki: Ok, Testimonials! People can have testimonials in text, that is fantastic. People believe what they see so when you’re at your launch, even people who are reading your books, ask for a video testimonial it’s easy, it’s effective, people believe what they see.

Kylee: That they do and you’ve seen an example of that here today but Vicki if people wanted to get more expert information like you’ve shared with them where would they go?

Vicki: Ok if you would like to talk video, cause we love connecting people with video our website is

Kylee: Thank you Vicki and thanks for giving us a moment here today. Remember to make self publishing  as easy as 1, 2, 3 all you have to do is listen to expert advice such as this.

Vicki Bobotis Website:

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