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Please browse the following text and video testimonials from people who have used our serivces, been to our events or are just raving fans!

Kylee is committed to providing an excellent service to her clients and is able to lead them throught the publishing process with few hassles. If you are trying to write I book I would recomend that you speak to Kylee.

Hugh Bowman


In the space of an hour, Kylee helped me create a structure, name, and writing plan for my ebook. I can proudly say that I wrote it quicker than I thought was possible! I'm already thinking about writing the next one! Thank you! You were amazing!

Victoria Kasunic


I have met Kylee through various form of networking in Sydney. Kylee is a lovely person to deal with and very professional with a "can do" attitude. If you are having difficulties starting, continuing or finishing writing and you're not sure what to do next? Kylee (The Publishing Queen) is who you want to contact!

Fiona Kane


I had the great pleasure of attending Kylee’s workshop on self publishing and it was fantastic. Kylee has solid understanding and knowledge and is considered to be an expert in the field of self book publishing. Kylee is also an engaging speaker and good facilitator to watch in action. Good work.

Sam Bizri


Kylee is very knowledgeable and passionate about people stories becoming published. She often shares countless stories of people who had a story in them and her passion is to bring that out. One of the great things about Kylee is she is always very professional and helpful in providing tips and advice. I would recommend her to assist you in publishing your story.

Adrian Rainey


Kylee knows her stuff! Her seminars provide relevant, well thought out content in a concise, easy to understand format. She has an ease with her audience that invites questions and ongoing dialogue. I haven't as yet written a book however I know a couple of people who attended Kylee's Bootcamps and have subsequently done so. And they've done it within a week ... amazing. Highly recommend this entrepreneurial woman.

Suzy Jacobs


I have known Kylee for over a year and have enjoyed our business relationship. Kylee is an energetic, proactive and positive business person. I attended one of her seminars and I was impressed by the depth of knowledge she provided to participants. Kylee is great to work with - I have experienced firsthand how thorough and dedicated she is. I feel confident in referring people to Kylee and I know from feedback I have received that she really does look after her clients.

Shandel Burns


Anyone who has a book in them needs to go to one of Kylee's seminars or arrange to contact her asap. The pitfalls can be avoided and the book you have dreams of can be become a reality sooner than you think. Kylee has kept me on track and provided a great service as I finish my first book, 'Better Choices for a Better Me'.

Andrew Fenwick


I met Kylee at a networking breakfast. I was a guest at her breakfast and she looked after me, introducing others to me as well. I found her to be very efficient, friendly and helpful with the referral that I gave to her. Kylee is very polite and a joy to do business with.

Monique Bock


Kylee should be your first and only port of call with anything in regards to publishing. Kylee knows the industry inside out. She is not called The Publishing Queen for nothing. We highly recommend her services.

Natalie Moutia


Kylee knows everything there is to know about book publishing. Everyone I know who has used her services gives great feedback about her and the quality of her work.

David Norris


I have known Kylee for a number of years and have always been impressed by her enthusiasm and professional approach to her work and to other activities that she has been involved in.

Ken Clark


Kylee is an inspirational dynamo and is highly recommended.

Geoff Taylor


Kylee is a fountain of knowledge in the field of "writing your own book" and I have learned a lot from her, which has helped me along the path in writing my own book. Not only that she is pretty talented at Graphic Design too.”

Clive Jones


“Kylee is committed to getting the results you want. She is a highly motivated, innovative business woman who has committed herself wholeheartedly to her business. She will work with you and bring your project to fruition.

Karen Coulson


Kylee is a true expert in her field. She has been a great help in each step of the way in taking my book, 'Risk Your Business Risk Your Life' from idea to reality.

Tony Bourke


I would highly recommend Kylee as expert in publishing from concept to final work - whether hard copy or ebook. Kylee is very generous and knowledgeable and you can confidently partner with her on your journey to share your wisdom. She is 100% loyal to your success and breaks down the tasks to understandable & achievable units.

Ilze Jaunberzins


Kylee has obviously earned her name as "The Publishing Queen" as she is an expert in her field. I have been to Kylee's presentations and was thrilled with all the information I learned from her & subsequently I subscribed to her newsletters which I always look forward to reading. I eagerly await putting my book together and will definitely be using Kylee as the publisher.

Nicky Mann


Kylee's course on Becoming a Published Author is 3 months is awesome. I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to write their own book but doesn't know where to begin or how to go about this.

Sunshine Estivo


Kylee understands the process of publishing better than most people in the industry. She has an innate ability to break down the process to make it very simply and easy to get your book published and distributed in time frames that suit any situation.

Kerwin Rae


Have heard Kylee speak and have experienced first hand her depth of knowledge and professionalism in her ability to have a book published on any subject matter. Kylee is a very smart operator who can deliver.

Michael Chin


Kylee is one of the most passionate and expert people I have ever done business with. The work she and her team did for my business was of high quality and finished on time with a tight deadline. If you need someone to help you write that book - then she is the one for you!

Rae Phillips


Kylee has so much knowledge about the Publishing Industry. She has been amazing to work with and a great pleasure to deal with, someone so Professional. I would highly recommend Kylee to anyone.

Ken Passmore


Kylee was an impressive guest speaker for Inspiring Women. If you are after the invaluable information on how to publish then Kylee provides it and offered great advice to those who were considering adding the words "author" to add credibility to their businesses. If you need any advice at all on publishing I don't think there is a question that can stump Kylee!

Sue Heins


One of the best ways of gaining business credibility is to write and publish a book. But most of us can't or don't want to actually write and even if we did, have no idea how to get it published effectively. Enter Kylee. Her service is outstanding and takes all the headaches away so you end up with a great book, professionally edited and layed out and most important of all, published in bookshops. So give Kylee a call and get that book inside you onto paper and onto the shelves.

Rashid Kotwal


I have worked with Kylee aka. The Publishing Queen on several projects and found her to be straight forward with good suggestions on how to produce an excellent job on time and on budget. I have no hesitation at recommending her to you.

Gregory Lawrence


Kylee certainly knows here stuff when it comes to publishing - and is able to pass on that knowledge with passion. She is an astute business woman who knows her product and service inside-out.

Johanna Baker-Dowdell


Kylee is a subject matter expert on publishing and all that goes with it. I would highly recommend that you make her the first port of call if you are thinking of publishing a book!

Peter Barnet


Kylee has impeccable customer service orientation. She is highly regarded both as a provider of publishing services and as an advocate, mentor and educator to aspiring authors. In an industry that is not always known for its integrity, Kylee shines as an example of relaibility, authenticity and trustworthiness. Simply put, she delivers. I would be more than happy to both recommend and be a referee for Kylee's services.

Andrew Mowat


Kylee is relatable and helps her clients to see their possibilities and draws out their creativity to write and publish their book.

Tina Chin


Kylee freely gave me her time to organise my thoughts on a possible book I could write for a very niche market. She walked me through the process step by step, asked searching questions to pinpoint my thought processes into a viable and actionable steps and helped me to prioritise what should be done and in what order. Kylee is organised, driven and keen to pass on her knowledge and expertise. I have found Kylee to be approachable and personable whose enthusiasm is infectious.

Robyn Hawke


The Publishing Queen


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